Our Process

Our Process

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our Manufacturing facility has been registered with USFDA and was granted with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Certificate, issued by the Licensing Authority, in the state of Gujarat, India.

In addition to our inhouse laboratory quality testing, we also use certified third laboratory services, which are globally recognised companies. These labs are granted with Good Laboratory practice certification as they adhere to the safety, efficacy and toxicity guidelines for invitro clinical studies. The certification is granted by the National Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliance Monitoring Authority, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Avalife products undergo all these tests for every batch before its approved for sales.

  • Quality on the farm
  • Authenticity on receiving the Ingredients form our associates farm and supplier partners.
  • In-house laboratory testing and segregation.
  • Organoleptic testing
  • Moisture content analysis
  • Microscopy and petri-grid analysis
  • Microbiological testing
  • Ash testing
  • pH testing
  • Aflatoxin testing
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Pesticide analysis
  • Bioactive Analysis

Every batch dispatched for consumer use is authenticated by certificate of analysis (COA).